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Posts tagged: personal shit

I got my hair done!!!
The best part of being leaving Disney is not having to be in Disney Look!!!

i have never missed another human being as much as I miss Kara.

i think i’m really cute

I’m pretty sure my apartment/friends are cursed.

Kara had a hardcore allergic reaction (rash and hives) all over her body.

Karoline passed out at work and had to be taken to the hospital.

I was swarmed by wasps (I’m allergic)

Sarah has been vomiting on and off for days.

Curtis just texted that he got both his front teeth knocked out.

someone help.

I have the pain tolerance of a weenie and so getting my nipples pierced hurt like nothing I’ve ever had to deal with (I almost passed out) but I am SO glad I had it done!

i have a crush on one of my new roommates. ABORT MISSION ABORT ABORT

Totally worth the 6:45 bus.

every year my new years resolution since i can remember has been to be in a relationship and to lose weight and this year i’m gonna say fuck that and my resolution is to keep up my gpa up and beat the games that i haven’t finished yet.

aka to improve my mental health and start loving myself more. 

here’s some of my dumb face. happy new year. 

i got into the disney college program and i’m so excited!!!!!!!! i really didn’t think i would, mostly so i wouldn’t be disappointed, and now i’m just really overwhelmed!!