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Posts tagged: personal shit

being depressed doesn’t always been being sad sometimes it’s being numb or exhausted. depression doesn’t mean that something bad is currently happening to you. things can be going okay, you can have someone/something good happening, even. that doesn’t mean you aren’t depressed.

you do not have to justify your depression with reasons.

all you have to do is take care of yourself, take baby steps. 

i have done nothing but read Criminal Minds fanfiction, update my wedding blog, and watch Ink Master and drag lipsyncs all day. Also naps.

Scheduling no classes on Fridays was ingenius.

I got my hair done!!!
The best part of being leaving Disney is not having to be in Disney Look!!!

i have never missed another human being as much as I miss Kara.

i think i’m really cute

I’m pretty sure my apartment/friends are cursed.

Kara had a hardcore allergic reaction (rash and hives) all over her body.

Karoline passed out at work and had to be taken to the hospital.

I was swarmed by wasps (I’m allergic)

Sarah has been vomiting on and off for days.

Curtis just texted that he got both his front teeth knocked out.

someone help.

I have the pain tolerance of a weenie and so getting my nipples pierced hurt like nothing I’ve ever had to deal with (I almost passed out) but I am SO glad I had it done!

i have a crush on one of my new roommates. ABORT MISSION ABORT ABORT

Totally worth the 6:45 bus.